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suppliers of cheese and wine

We are the distributors of cheese and fine wine, formed in 2018 by Mr. So and so. This is a foremost and exciting company with enthusiastic workforces who have the talent and knowledge to market great cheese and wine in the local\kasi market.

We have the skill to diverse from other companies who are distributors. We are well known by experts in cheese and wine for providing outstanding services and events.



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Cheese and Wine - SOWETO Theatre

This is a fun event and excellent for ‘Team Building’. We start off with a wine tasting to explain the art of wine blending and then follow on with the blending.

We add a bit of the “Master chef” style fun to the tasting. We supply the wines, equipment and bottles for the event, together with prizes for the best presentation and wine blend. The wines for blending consist of: Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon


Cheese and Wine - SOWETO Theatre

We offer to come to your venue of choice and do a fun and professional Chocolate & Wine pairing for your group. We offer this to corporate or private groups. Enjoy a relaxing presentation in your home or at a venue of your choice.

We do a variety tastings of 7 wines adapted to your liking with our wines come from a variety of South Africa’s top award winning boutique wineries.

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  • 1234 Maaroganye Drive, Dobsonville, Johannesburg.
  • info@example.com
  • +27 11 111 2222
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